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What Should Be Included in Your Westwood Office Cleaning Checklist

What Should Be Included in Your Westwood Office Cleaning Checklist

A Westwood office cleaning checklist should include cleaning all surfaces, floors, and windows, emptying trash bins, and sanitizing common areas and restrooms to maintain hygiene. 

Additionally, it should cover periodic deep cleaning tasks like carpet cleaning, dusting air vents, and disinfecting high-touch regions to ensure a healthy and clean working environment.

Follow along for a comprehensive guide to developing a cleaning plan that keeps your Westwood office looking professional.

Download this Office Cleaning Checklist ready to be printed

Key Takeaways

  • Daily tasks: emptying trash, tidying common areas, disinfecting restrooms, spot cleaning floors and surfaces
  • Weekly duties: dusting, vacuuming, mopping floors, sanitizing high-touch areas 
  • Monthly jobs: window, vent, and light fixture cleaning, scrubbing tile, baseboards, drapes
  • Quarterly cleaning: bin washing, floor polishing, and pressure washing entryways
  • Semi-annual: carpet shampooing, waxing tile floors, vent cleaning, washing exterior windows
  • Annual deep clean: furniture extraction, blind cleaning, interior window and door washing, exterior pressure wash

Daily Office Cleaning Tasks

Daily cleaning responsibilities focus on tidying and disinfecting high-traffic areas to maintain cleanliness during the workweek. 

Essential daily cleaning tasks include:


Empty Trash and RecyclingX
Tidy Common AreasX
Disinfect RestroomsX
Spot Clean Floors and SurfacesX
Wipe Down Common SurfacesX

Emptying Trash and Recycling

Trash bins throughout the office should be emptied daily, including bathrooms, breakrooms, individual workstations, and common areas. 

Recycling should be collected from designated containers and moved to the central recycling dumpster.

Tidying Common Areas

The reception desk, lobby, waiting area, conference rooms, and breakroom should be tidied daily. 

Tissues, cups, magazines, and other items should be straightened and disposed of as needed. Chairs and tables should be aligned.

Disinfecting Restrooms

Restrooms should be disinfected, including toilets, sinks, counters, mirrors, dispensers, and stall doors. 

Toilet paper, paper towels, and soaps must be replenished as needed. Trash cans were emptied, and floors were mopped.

Spot Cleaning Floors and Surfaces

Carpets, hard floors, countertops, tables, and other surfaces should be spot-cleaned to remove spills, scuffs, and other marks.

 A quick pass with the vacuum or mop maintains appearance.

Wiping Down Common Surfaces

Common touch points like doorknobs, handles, light switches, telephones, and reception desks collect germs and should be sanitized to prevent illness.

Weekly Cleaning Duties

Weekly tasks involve more thorough cleaning, like dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and sanitizing to maintain office appearance and hygiene.


Dust All Surfaces and ItemsX
Vacuum Carpets and RugsX
Mop Hard FloorsX
Sanitize High-Touch AreasX
Polish Furnishings and DecorX

Dusting Surfaces and Items

All office furnishings should be dusted, including desks, chairs, tables, shelves, cabinets, lamps, electronics, vents, sills, and decor items. Dusting removes allergens to support workplace health.

Vacuuming Carpets and Rugs

Carpets and area rugs should be vacuumed wall to wall to refresh fibers and remove embedded dirt and allergens. Any minor stains can be spot-treated as needed.

Mopping Hard Floors

Tile, vinyl, laminate, and other hard floors need weekly mopping using the proper cleaning solutions and techniques to remove grime buildup and scuffs without damaging the flooring.

Sanitizing High-Touch Surfaces

Disinfect doorknobs, handles, telephones, keyboards, light switches, and other commonly touched surfaces that accumulate bacteria between daily cleaning.

Polishing Furnishings and Decor Items

Metal fixtures, wood furnishings, mirrors, artwork, and any displayed decor items will be gently polished, helping retain a like-new shine and appearance.

Monthly Cleaning Tasks

Some cleaning responsibilities only need to be completed monthly. These help maintain the cleanliness of less accessed areas.


Clean Interior Windows and SillsX
Dust Vents, Blinds, Light FixturesX
Scrub Tile Floors and GroutX
Clean Baseboards and MoldingsX
Vacuum Upholstered ItemsX

Cleaning Interior Windows and Sills

Interior window glass and sills will be cleaned and polished for maximum clarity and a spotless shine.

Dusting Vents, Blinds, and Light Fixtures

Air conditioning and heating vents, window blinds, overhead lighting, and ceiling fans require detailed dusting monthly to remove accumulated dust, allergens, and debris. 

Scrubbing Tile Floors and Grout

Tile floors and grout lines will be scrubbed using specialized brushes and cleaning solutions to remove embedded gunk and stains, revitalizing the look of the tile.

Cleaning Baseboards and Crown Molding

Baseboards and decorative crown molding around the office will be washed to remove monthly grime accumulation, helping highlight beautiful architectural details. 

Vacuuming Upholstered Furniture and Drapes

Any upholstered furniture or office drapery will be vacuumed monthly to refresh fibers and remove enmeshed dust and dirt.

Quarterly Cleaning Jobs

These tasks refresh offices less, once each quarter.


Wash Trash BinsX
Polish and Touch Up FloorsX
Pressure Wash EntrywaysX
Clean Light FixturesX
Dust Walls, Doors, FansX

Washing Trash Bins

All waste bins’ interior and exterior surfaces will be washed to remove residue and accumulated germs.

Polishing and Touch Up Floors

Tile, wood, and other floors will be spot-polished and buffed to maintain shine. Any new scratches will be touched up.

Pressure Washing Entryways

For offices with outdoor entryways or sidewalks, pressure washing removes built-up grime from walkways and restores a clean appearance.

Cleaning Light Fixtures

Light fixture exteriors are dusted, while covers, bulbs, and diffusers will be removed and washed clear of dirt and bugs that reduce lighting.

Dusting Walls, Doors, and Ceiling Fans

These less cleaned surfaces will be detailed wiped down to restore a like-new sheen free of accumulated dust and spots.

Semi-Annual Cleaning Duties

Semi-annual tasks offer deeper cleaning for optimal office appearance and air quality.


Shampoo CarpetX
Strip, Seal, and Wax Tile FloorsX
Clean HVAC Vents and DuctsX
Wash Exterior WindowsX
Duct Vents and RegistersX

Shampoo Carpeting

Carpets will be professionally shampooed using truck-mounted systems to deep clean fibers, remove stains, and revive to like-new softness and appearance.

Strip, Clean, and Re-Wax Tile Flooring

VCT and other tile flooring will be stripped of old wax, thoroughly cleaned, and then re-sealed and freshly waxed for revitalized shine and protection.

Cleaning HVAC Vents and Ducts

Heating and air conditioning vents, registers, and ducts will be professionally cleaned, removing built-up allergens and dust for optimal airflow.

Washing Exterior Windows

Exterior windows, door glass, frames, and sills will be thoroughly washed for maximum outer shine and curb appeal.

Dusting Vents and HVAC Registers

Vents, air conditioning registers, and surrounding walls will be detailed dusted to remove accumulated dirt.

Annual Deep Cleaning

These intensive cleaning tasks refresh your Westwood office to like-new condition.


Extract Upholstered FurnitureX
Clean Window TreatmentsX
Wash Interior Windows and DoorsX
Polish Wood SurfacesX
Pressure Wash ExteriorX

Upholstered Furniture Extraction

Fabric upholstered furniture will be deep cleaned and disinfected to the base and substructure for optimal appearance and sanitization.

Window Treatment Cleaning

Blinds, curtains, and drapery will be dusted, washed, and conditioned to remove built-up dirt and stains.

Interior Window and Door Washing

Windows, doors, frames, tracks, sills, and surrounding walls will be washed for maximal shine, clarity, and cleanliness.

Wood Surface Polishing

All wood surfaces, including doors, cabinets, paneling, and trim, will be polished to restore a warm glow and remove grime buildup.

Exterior Pressure Washing

Pressure wash exterior surfaces like siding, walkways, and awnings by lifting stains to refresh facades and entryways.

Sample Office Cleaning Checklist

Download this Office Cleaning Checklist, ready to be printed: here.

Empty TrashX
Tidy Common AreasX
Disinfect RestroomsX
Spot Clean Floors/SurfacesX
Dust All SurfacesX
Vacuum CarpetsX
Mop Hard FloorsX
Sanitize High-Touch AreasX
Polish FurnishingsX
Clean Interior WindowsX
Dust Vents, Blinds, LightsX
Scrub Tile FloorsX
Clean BaseboardsX
Vacuum UpholsteryX
Wash Trash BinsX
Touch Up FloorsX
Pressure Wash EntriesX
Clean Light FixturesX
Dust Walls, Doors, FansX
Shampoo CarpetsX
Strip, Seal & Wax TileX
Clean HVAC SystemX
Wash Exterior WindowsX
Extract FurnitureX
Clean Window TreatmentsX
Wash Interior WindowsX
Polish Wood SurfacesX
Pressure Wash ExteriorX

There You Have It!

Creating a detailed office cleaning checklist ensures consistent, comprehensive cleaning care for your Westwood office. 

Outlining daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual tasks provides helpful guidance for commercial cleaners. 

This establishes clear expectations for the cleaning crew and safeguards the appearance of your office. 

With a well-planned cleaning checklist, you can rely on professional cleaners to maintain a tidy, healthy, and organized workplace.

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