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Top Areas to Deep Clean in Your Medway Home

Top Areas to Deep Clean in Your Medway Home


The top areas to deep clean your Medway home are the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedrooms, and entryway. 

Focus on tasks like sanitizing countertops, deep cleaning floors, and washing bedding to keep your living area clean and healthy. 

Key Takeaways


AreaKey TasksPurpose
Kitchen– Deep clean regularly

– Use powerful degreasers

– Maintain cabinets

– Manage floor care

Combat grease, enhance hygiene and aesthetics
Bathroom– Ensure toilet care

– Maintain tiles and grout

– Clean fixtures

– Sanitize floors

Prevent mold, maintain cleanliness and safety
Living Room– Focus on soft surfaces

– Dust thoroughly

– Clean floors

Improve air quality, remove allergens
Bedroom– Maintain bed linens

– Care for mattresses

– Clean window treatments

Ensure hygiene, provide a healthy sleep environment
Entryway– Prioritize initial impressions

– Clean furniture and floors

– Sanitize high-touch areas

Create an inviting atmosphere to reduce germ spread.


Kitchen Deep Clean

As mentioned, the kitchen should be on your deep cleaning priority list. 

This room gets dirty with grease and food spills. We need to clean it well to remove grime and germs. 

Break your kitchen deep clean into manageable tasks focusing on specific areas:

Clear Counters And Wash Surfaces


Remove items from your counters and clean your countertops, sink, faucet, and backsplashes.

Use Powerful Degreasers

Combatting grease buildup is essential, especially in the kitchen. You can end grease by using a strong cleaner or making your solution. 

This will make the surface clean and shiny and improve hygiene and appearance.

Disinfect High-Touch Areas

High-touch areas like counters and cutting boards are prone to bacteria accumulation. Disinfecting covers is essential to kill bacteria and keep them safe daily.

Deep Clean Cabinets

Many people need to remember to clean the inside of their kitchen cabinets. But it’s essential to remove dust, crumbs, and residue.

Remove items and wipe down shelves and drawers to keep your kitchen clean and healthy.

Polish Exteriors

Cabinet exteriors are often ignored but need regular care to stay shiny and last long. 

When you apply wood polish, it cleans and enhances the appearance of your space. It adds elegance, too.

Clean Appliances

For stainless steel appliances, rub in the direction of the grain to remove smudges. Clean the inside of your refrigerator and oven.

Remember The Floors

Kitchen floors endure daily spills and traffic, making them essential to maintain. Keeping the kitchen clean and safe is vital. Sweeping and mopping tile, vinyl, and linoleum floors helps.

Bathroom Deep Clean

After cleaning the kitchen, focus your deep cleaning efforts on the bathroom. Scrubbing and disinfecting this area is crucial to control mold and bacteria.

Divide your bathroom deep cleaning into tasks: clean the toilet, tile, tub, fixtures, and floors.

Scrub And Disinfect The Toilet

A clean toilet is fundamental to a hygienic bathroom. Clean your restroom by scrubbing and disinfecting. 

Pay extra attention to the rim and base to remove germs and keep it fresh.

Clean Tile And Grout

Tiles and grout lines in the bathroom can accumulate soap scum and grime. Clean your bathroom with a small brush or toothbrush to prevent mold and mildew.

Remove Soap Scum From The Shower And Tub

The shower and tub need attention, too. Clean the walls, floors, doors, and fixtures by removing soap scum and mineral deposits.

Clean Fixtures

To keep your bathroom clean, clean your showerheads, faucets, and hose attachments. 

Get rid of hard water stains and disinfect these areas to maintain a healthy environment.

Remember The Floors

Like the kitchen, the bathroom floors can get moist and dirty. 

To keep the bathroom clean and safe, mop and disinfect it to remove bacteria and germs.

Living Room Deep Clean

Living rooms must pay special attention to soft surfaces and magnets for dust and dirt. Clean one room at a time. 

Start with upholstery, then carpets and rugs. Next, clean hard flooring and dusty corners.

Clean Upholstered Furniture

For upholstered furniture, vacuum cushions and along seams to remove particles. Spot clean any stains or spills right away to prevent setting.

Wash Rugs And Pillows

Rugs and pillows can harbor dust and allergens over time. To keep your home clean and healthy, vacuum and wash them.

Dust Corners And Ceilings

It’s important to dust corners, ceilings, baseboards, and windowsills. 

They’re common gathering spots for spiderwebs and dust bunnies. Cleaning these areas contributes to a cleaner and healthier living environment.

Hard Flooring Also Needs Cleaning

Remove any surface dust and debris before mopping to care for wood floors. 

Use a unique wood floor cleaner to keep the floors clean and friendly. Change the mop heads often to maintain and protect the feet. This will show off their natural beauty.

Clean Tile And Grout

To clean tile, vinyl, and linoleum floors, sweep and mop them. 

To clean the floor well, focus on the grout lines and remove all dirt and grime.

Bedrooms Deep Clean

Ensure clean air by focusing your bedroom cleaning on bed linens, mattresses, window treatments, furniture, and flooring, as bedrooms often collect dust and dirt.

Wash Bed Linens

Wash bed linens in hot water to keep your sleeping area clean and free from allergens. Dust mites and allergens tend to accumulate on them. 

This practice aids in promoting better sleep hygiene and improves health.

Clean Mattresses

Maintaining a clean mattress is essential for ensuring a healthy sleep environment. 

To keep it clean and healthy, vacuum the surface to remove dust and allergens. Spot-treat any stains or discolorations.

Wash Window Treatments

Window treatments like drapes, blinds, and curtains often accumulate dust and allergens. 

To maintain a clean and fresh indoor atmosphere, make sure you take them down and either wash or dry clean them.

Dust Furniture

Furniture surfaces, including ceiling fans and windowsills, are standard dust collectors. 

To keep your indoor space clean, dust these areas. It helps reduce allergens and improve air quality.

Clean Floors

To keep floors clean, vacuum and mop them to remove dirt and debris. 

Clean floors make your home look better and healthier by reducing dust and allergens.

Finally, Don’t Forget to Deep Clean Your Entryway

It’s the first area guests see when entering your home, so keep it clean. 

Dust furniture, windowsills, and corners. Sweep and mop floors. 

Clean mirrors, light fixtures, and artwork. Sanitize doorknobs which gather germs from hands. 

Check coat closets and wipe down shelving. Keeping your entryway tidy makes a great first impression.


Deep cleaning your Medway home prevents the buildup of dirt and hazards. Target high-traffic spots and soft surfaces during each deep clean. 

Create a schedule to clean bed linens, tidy entryways, and scrub the kitchen and bathrooms. 

You could hire a professional cleaning service to do a thorough cleaning. They have the skills and tools for neglected areas. 

With a little extra effort, your whole home will look refreshed.


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