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Top 5 Cleaning Hacks for Busy People in Framingham

Top 5 Cleaning Hacks for Busy People



Finding time to clean and organize can be challenging when you’re busy with work, family, and other responsibilities. 

In this article, we’ll share the top 5 cleaning hacks from our Professional Cleaning Services in Framingham for maintaining a clean home even with a packed schedule. These tips will help you clean smarter, not harder.

Quick Takeaway

Keeping a clean home can be a challenge for busy people. 

However, implementing some effective cleaning hacks can help you maintain tidiness even with a packed schedule.

The 5 Key Cleaning Tips:

  1. Schedule Cleaning Time
  2. Clean As You Go
  3. Speed Clean Before Guests
  4. Use Cleaning Checklists
  5. Enlist Help From Family


1. Schedule Cleaning Time

Schedule Cleaning TimeSet aside 30 minutes each day for tidying and cleaning tasks. Add it to your calendar to make it a priority.

One of the best ways to ensure cleaning gets done when you’re pressed for time is actually to schedule it. Treat cleaning like an important appointment – block off time for it on your calendar.

Aim to set aside at least 30 minutes a day for home cleaning. If your schedule is extra tight, even 15 minutes can complete the basics. Choose a time when you know you’ll be free from other obligations.

Scheduling cleaning time helps make tidying a regular habit. You’re more likely to do it when it’s on your calendar. This prevents cleaning tasks from falling through the cracks.

Cleaning for half an hour each day also keeps the mess from piling up. Staying on top of the little daily cleaning jobs prevents you from having to do heavy-duty cleaning later.

Pick cleaning times that work with your schedule – you might choose the morning before work or after evening dinner. 

Find what fits your routine best. Put cleaning on your agenda like you would a meeting for work or a doctor’s appointment.

2. Clean As You Go

Clean As You GoDon’t let messes pile up. Do small cleaning tasks like wiping counters or loading the dishwasher as you cook or go about your day.

Cleaning as you go is one of the best ways to keep a tidy home without devoting big blocks of time to cleaning. This means doing little cleaning jobs as part of your daily activities.

For example, wipe down the bathroom sink and counter after you use it to prepare in the morning. As you empty your lunch containers after work, load them right into the dishwasher.

Put items back in their designated spots after using them so clutter doesn’t accumulate. So when you’re done with your laptop for the day, don’t just set it aside – put it back on your desk.

Clean as you go as part of cooking and prepping meals, too. Wipe down the counters and stove as you work. Wash any dishes that can’t go in the dishwasher.

These mini-cleaning sessions prevent big messes from gathering and save you from a lengthy tidying session later. It also means cleaning while you’re focused on the task at hand rather than putting it off for later.

Get your family members to pitch in with cleaning as you go, too – teach kids to wipe the table after crafts or meals. Ask your spouse to clean as they cook dinner.

3. Speed Clean Before Guests Arrive

Speed Clean Before GuestsPrioritize cleaning visible areas like surfaces, floors, and bathrooms before having company over. Focus on what guests will see.

When guests are on their way over, you want your home to look presentable but may not have time for an in-depth cleaning. 

That’s when doing a speedy clean of the areas guests will see is handy.

Aim to tidy up entryways, main living spaces, bathrooms, and the kitchen in a hurry by focusing on surfaces, floors, and visible messes.

Here are some speed cleaning tips for when guests are on their way:

  • Clear clutter from tables, countertops, and other surfaces.
  • Run a quick vacuum or sweep floors if needed.
  • Disinfect bathrooms by cleaning counters, mirrors, sinks, and toilets.
  • Do any dirty dishes by hand or load the dishwasher.
  • Straighten pillows, blankets, and other linens in sitting areas.
  • Hide any clutter that’s out of place.
  • Take out trash and recycling.
  • Spray cleaner on any dirty spots on walls, floors, or carpets.

Doing a quick sweep of the public rooms in your home gets it looking clean and tidy fast before guests see it. 

You don’t need to do a deep clean – just focus on the spots that make the biggest visual impact.

4. Use Cleaning Checklists

Use Cleaning ChecklistsCreate checklists for daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning tasks. Check them off as you complete each item.

Cleaning checklists help busy people remember what cleaning tasks need to be done and when. Making master lists ahead of time saves you time and mental energy.

Create a checklist of daily cleaning jobs that should be done – things like making the bed, wiping counters, doing the dishes, and tidying the entryway. Print it out and hang it or keep it on your phone.

Make weekly and monthly cleaning checklists too. Weekly tasks may include mopping floors, cleaning the bathroom, laundry, etc. Monthly jobs could be cleaning windows, oven, baseboards, and ceiling fans.

Go through your home and make note of all the cleaning tasks that should be done on each timeframe. Breaking big jobs like “clean the bathroom” into specific tasks like “scrub shower walls” makes it more doable.

Then you can quickly glance at the checklists and see what should be done each day, week, or month, and check off items as you complete them. This takes the guesswork out of remembering cleaning jobs.

Having set cleaning checklists prevents things from being overlooked. You’ll know what needs to be done when without racking your brain trying to remember.

5. Enlist Help From Family

Enlist Help From FamilyGet your spouse, kids, or roommates involved in sharing cleaning tasks. Assign age-appropriate chores.

Trying to keep your home clean and organized alone when you’re busy can be draining. Enlisting help from family members helps lighten the load.

Have a household meeting to talk about how each person can contribute to cleaning. Make a list of routine cleaning tasks and divvy them up among family members.

Assign age-appropriate chores – young kids can take out trash, teens can vacuum. Take into account everyone’s schedules and abilities too.

Consider creating a chore chart or rotation so tasks are distributed fairly. Offer small rewards like stickers or treats to motivate kids.

Get your spouse or partner to share the cleaning duties too. Split up rooms or types of chores. Trade off tasks neither of you wants to do.

Having your family pitch in keeps everyone invested in maintaining a clean home. It teaches kids responsibility and makes them more aware of contributing to the household. The whole family will benefit from a more organized, tidy living environment.


Maintaining a clean home can be challenging when your schedule is jam-packed, but it’s not impossible. 

Focusing on quick, effective cleaning habits can keep mess at bay even when you’re pressed for time.

Implementing just a few of these cleaning hacks can make a big difference:

  • Make cleaning a priority by putting it on your daily calendar. Just 30 minutes a day prevents buildup.
  • Clean up small messes as you go to avoid clutter accumulating.
  • Do a speed clean before guests arrive by focusing on visible areas.
  • Use checklists to remember daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning jobs.
  • Get family members to help share age-appropriate chores.

Staying on top of little cleaning tasks is more effective than letting mess build up and doing heavy-duty cleaning less often. Fitting cleaning into your daily routine makes it fast and achievable.

A tidy home provides peace of mind and cuts down on stress, even when life gets hectic. 

Try out some of these cleaning hacks to maintain a clean, clutter-free living space despite your busy schedule. Your future busy self will thank you!

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