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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Cleaning Service Company in Natick

Choosing a cleaning service in Natick, MA? Ask them some questions first! 

Find out what services they offer, if they have a license, and if they have insurance. Check their prices and how they fix any issues. 

Ensure they can clean when it’s good for you, and ask if they bring their cleaning stuff. Also, ask them to show you references so you know they are reliable. 

Here are some key questions to ask before you hire a cleaning company in Natick.

Top Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Cleaning Service in Natick

Key Takeaways

Question CategoryWhat to Ask
ServicesWhat cleaning services do you offer?
LicensingAre you licensed to operate in Natick, MA?
InsuranceDo you have insurance?
PricingHow do you determine pricing?
Issue ResolutionHow do you handle issues or complaints?
SchedulingCan you accommodate my cleaning schedule?
SuppliesDo you bring your own cleaning supplies?
ReferencesCan you provide references?

Find Out What Services the Company Provides

Before hiring a cleaning service, knowing what they can do for you is essential. 

Every home has unique needs shaped by its size, features, and the lifestyle of its occupants. 

The “Services” section helps homeowners find the right cleaning services. Before hiring, clients should consider regular cleaning, deep cleaning, and specialized services.

  • Basic Tidying and Surface Cleaning:
    • Ensure the company does simple tasks like dusting, sweeping, and tidying up.
    • Ask if they handle everyday kitchen and bathroom surface cleaning to maintain hygiene.
  • Deep Scrubbing and Disinfecting:
    • Does the service include thorough cleaning, like scrubbing floors, tiles, and other surfaces?
    • Can you see if they offer exceptional cleaning services that kill germs and bacteria? It will make our home healthier.
  • Specific Chores Handling:
    • Ensure the company can do the necessary tasks, like mopping or cleaning the bathroom.
    • Check if they offer specialized cleaning services for different areas in your home.
  • Outdoor Spaces Cleaning:
    • Check if the cleaning service caters to outdoor areas like porches and patios.
    • Find out how skilled they are at cleaning outdoors so your whole property stays in good shape.
  • Comprehensive Cleaning:
    • Check if the service includes everything you need to clean your entire home.
    • Ensure they have the right tools and know-how to clean and refresh your home.

Ensure The Cleaning Company is Licensed and Insured

Good cleaners should have insurance for accidents and injuries to protect you and your property. 

Never hire uninsured cleaners—it poses too much risk. Ask to see proof of licensing and insurance.

Understand The Company’s Pricing Structure

Professional cleaners charge either by the hour or by the square footage. Get a detailed price quote accounting for the services you must. 

Find out if more charges for supplies or tasks like oven cleaning exist. Confirm if there are the most minor service requirements or other fees. 

A transparent company will explain its pricing.

Ask If The Company Provides its Cleaning Tools and Equipment

Many professional cleaners bring their commercial-grade products, tools, and vacuums. 

But, some need the homeowner to supply these items. 

Understand who provides what to determine if the service is a good value.

Ask About The Company’s Availability.

Do they provide service seven days a week or only on certain days? What are their hours? 

Do they have openings that work with your schedule? 

Factor the cleaner’s availability into your hiring decision. A service is only worthwhile if it fits your lifestyle.

Ask For References From Past Clients in Natick.

Reputable companies should be able to provide references. 

Speaking with past customers can provide valuable insights into work quality, professionalism, and customer satisfaction. 

You can check references to ensure you’ll be pleased with the service.

Inquire About The Company’s Staff Training Methods.

Are cleaners trained on proper techniques and given background checks? 

Are they supervised? 

Well-trained staff results in better performance. Look for cleaners who invest in formal employee training.

Understand The Service’s Cancellation Policy.

Most cleaning companies need a notice of 24-48 hours to change or cancel a visit without extra fees. 

Know the policy in case plans change. Clear cancellation policies ensure good service.

Ask How The Cleaning Service Handles Issues.

Is there a transparent process for addressing problems like missed appointments or damages? 

How do they respond to complaints? 

Understanding policies for dealing with concerns brings confidence in the service.


Ask essential questions to choose the right cleaning company for your Natick home. 

Find cleaners that match your schedule, provide the services you want, are professional, trained, and have clear policies.

Taking time to ask these questions helps ensure you get excellent service.

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